A Breakthrough to Develop New Businesses
- Smoke free is a key to create new demands in Japan -

Written by Smoke Stinks
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Are you interested in developing business in Japan?
You will find that there are new business opportunities in Japan after reading this article.

Air makes money if it is smoke free. Just eliminating smokes from environment, you will find additional opportunity to develop new business demands. It is true that Smoke free air will bring profit to your businesses.

I will be happy, if some of you agree to my suggestion and begin thinking about new business in Japan. I am just giving you idea to get profit, and as a result, it will make this country cleaner and more livable.

I wish I could have enough funds to initiate this business!

Smoke free Town - Present Utopia
Many people hate stinking smokes invading their personal life, even while staying at home. Leaving the window open, stinking smoke will soon hit you. Many smokers smokes in personal terraces, because they are displaced from their own rooms by their family. (It means that they know that smoke will bother others, still they harm unrelated people to protect their family. They should feel shame!)They are called "light-bugs".

"Smoke free town" secures smoke free environment. Perfect smoke free environment has not yet been provided! Why don't you think it is a business chance?

Suggested way to begin with is to sell condominium stile houses or apartments with enough security staffs. Visitors should be questioned and their cigarettes and lighters will be kept at the front desk until they leave the smoke free condominium. It will make the condominium more secure from theft and unsolicited visitors like sales persons. This will make the condominium more gorgeous and put more value to residents.

You will probably begin with demand survey through internet, and plan choosing suitable location and setting price range. Just executing demand survey should not cost much. There are lot of lands in Tokyo and surrounding area at reasonable price.  What you should do is to plan and execute it!

It will be the best, if you really create Smoke Free Town. Houses in such Town will be sold at much higher proces.
Smoke free Restaurants - where people enjoy real taste and flavor of foods
Many people want to enjoy tasting. Smokes will spoil flavor and tastes. Problems in Japan is that there are not many restaurants which prohibit smoking in the room.

Providing integrated smoke free restaurants will secure enjoying meals. Some smokers are really selfish and even violent. Some smokers violate nonsmoking everywhere. These troublemakers must be eliminated from the space. An integration of smoke free restaurants will stop troublemakers invading.

Smoke free Travels - encourage people to go outside without being annoyed by smoke
Some people are reluctant to purchase group tour because they are afraid if other tourists smoke in a dining table. They also hate stinky hotel rooms.

Rate of smokers is still high in Japan and Travel Bureaus will sell smoking opportunities as much as possible. I am very reluctant to purchase group tour because I am afraid being exposed myself to smokes.

I am willing to buy smoke free tours if available. And I believe many non-smokers will choose smoke free tours.

In addition to travel agencies, transportation businesses like taxies and rental cars will be applicable. Smokers tend to smoke everywhere if possible, and they make facilities dirty and stinky. Stinkiness discourages many people to use taxies and rental cars.

Public smoke free transportation organization will be much appreciated, then violators will be charged a lot for damages by smokes by the organization.

These are examples what I relay desire. Preliminary researches may be done at small costs. You should soon begin businesses, if you are convinced that "smoke free" is a source of money.

It is not my intention to charge for consutting works. You have no obligation to pay for my ideas; however, let me know if you think that I could help you. I may be able to help you.


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